Store Hours
Monday - Friday:  8 AM - 5:30 PM
Saturday:  8 AM - 12 PM
Sunday:  Closed
907 East Forest Avenue
Mora  MN  55051
Phone  320 679 1181  
Fax  320 679 5934
Quamba Businesses in the 20s
  • Railroad Depot
  • Hotel
  • Grocery Stores (2)
  • Post Office
  • Bank
  • Creamery
  • Black Smith
  • Hardware and Feed Stores
  • Barber Shop

Emil Oslin
  • Born to Nils and Anna Oslin on December 14, 1896
  • First mayor of Quamba
  • Married Lillian Mohrenweiser on August 27, 1921 and had four children (Fern, Harold, Howard and Joan)
Birth of the Business
Harold Oslin
Kilroy and Louis Peterson
Harold riding the carriage.
1931  L to R  Emil Oslin, Albert Lucht, Zack Moline and Carl Hintz
Harold with a picture worthy load.
Emil Oslin, Art Winterfeldt and Lawrence Oslin
Howard Oslin and Carl Seline in Warman.
Jack Smith, Emil Oslin, Carl Seline and Joel Hallstrom at the shack in Warman.
Lawrence Oslin strikes a pose.
Howard Oslin is ready to hit the road!
Lawrence Oslin
Howard Oslin
Gust Mohrenweiser
Emil Oslin, Carl Gotfredson, John Soderstrom, Jack Westman, Henry Smith, Bill Kroschel and Howard Oslin gathering around the planer.
Steam Powered Planer
Lawrence Oslin
Planed and Stacked
Giese in the 40s
Giese in the 40s
Quamba floods!  Lawrence and Helen
1937 Chevy Truck
Jack Smith
Harold Oslin
White Pine
The Team